Savage is a processual event, open in the wild 37 hectare territory between Dūķi and Jaundrusti. The exhibition has been designed as an experience with no opening hours or
attendants – you can immerse yourself for 15 minutes, or even stay for a week. The
artists’ works are placed along three routes of varying complexity on which visitors can
experience the meeting of art and nature.
Everyone can choose how to experience Savage – via a mowed, easy path, a longer
meandering trail, or wander around with approximate directions and not always dry feet.
Visitors determine the pace of the exhibition experience for themselves. You can swim
in the pond and observe the natural horizon, crouch under the fountain, erect a tent and
spend the night, settle under a canopy and create something of your own, or you can
just stop by for a moment – nature and art will do everything for you on their own.

The launch of SAVAGE exhibition in 2020 included 12 new commissions and 5 adaptations of existing projects by Andris Eglītis, Austris Mailītis, Elza Sīle and Laimdota Malle, Iveta Pole and Katrīna Neiburga,  Jānis Noviks, Kate Krolle and Reinis Bērziņš, as well as Liene Rumpe, Linda Vigdorčika, Raitis Hrolovičs, Kristīne Upīte, Teemu Korpela from Finland and Kaspars Podnieks.

The second season of the exhibition includes works by artists Evita Vasiļjeva, Lithuanian artist Žilvinas Landzbergas, Estonian artist Kristi Kongi, Otso Peräsaari from Sweden, duo MAYBE MAY BE (Elīza Ramza & Rūdolfs Štamers), as well as almost all the members of the legendary Latvian artist group "Maigās svārstības''  Gentle Alterations (Ieva Iltnere, Sandra Krastiņa, Jānis Mitrēvics, Edgars Vērpe and Ģirts Muižnieks). The lineup also includes Envija, Paula Zvane & Liene Rumpe, Agnese Piziča, Armands Kanaviņš and Aleksandrs Breže.

Additionally, the online journal Satori has created the Savage Notebook in collaboration with Latvian writers. The edition consists of contemporary literary notes of prose and poetry that have both closer and more distant connections with the exhibition.

Admission to the exhibition is free fo charge.
Savage is for all of us to experience together, so remember this when you go into the wild: be responsible and bring back everything you’ve taken with you!